Un petit mot doux à WordPress

Dis, WordPress, tu voudrais bien prévenir quand tu "améliores" quelque chose? Tu as mon mail, tu m'envoies régulièrement des messages pour passer à la version pro. Parce que tu vois, quand, comme moi, tu es dyspraxique, à chaque fois que quelque chose change dans le back office, c'est des mois de boulot pour retrouver des … Continue reading Un petit mot doux à WordPress

13 novembre

Aujourd’hui c’est l’anniversaire de ma fin du monde et donc de ma renaissance (j'en ai parlé là, un peu). Je n’arrive pas à décider si je vais bien ou pas du tout. Ça change toutes les trois minutes à peu près. J’ai vu ma psy ce matin, c’était chaud mais le timing était bon. Ça … Continue reading 13 novembre

La théorie des cuillers

Hier se tenait à Birmingham un colloque sur la dyspraxie chez les adultes. Parmi les intervenant•es, il y avait Emma Tremaine, alias The Dyspraxic Doctor, dont je partage régulièrement des posts de blog. Elle a apparemment évoqué les intersections entre la dyspraxie et d’autres troubles (dys ou pas, comme TDA ou autisme) et évoqué la … Continue reading La théorie des cuillers

Beautiful Accidents – Erin Zak

Dinosaur Triplets, how’s that for a great name? Stevie is an improv actress in a troupe bearing this name and she’s one phone call away from making it to her goal, a spot on Saturday Night Live in New York. One evening, her best friend convinces her to accompany her and other colleagues to consult … Continue reading Beautiful Accidents – Erin Zak

Dyspraxia: a look from the inside

If you wonder what dyspraxia / DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) looks and feels like, this post explains it pretty well.

Beans and Books

I struggled to read as a kid, that is to say; I didn’t form the good habits of picking up a book very often. As a child with learning difficulties and being enrolled in a primary school that wasn’t entirely encouraging, I struggled to see the rewarding elements of reading.

On the bus journey to or from secondary school, a friend of mine would often shove a book in my hands; no doubt trying to share their love of literature, whether it be an undoubtedly funny passage from a Terry Pratchett novel or a heartfelt quote; I have no idea because my dyspraxic brain was too busy being distracted by the noisy brake pads or the irritable texture of the socks I was wearing.

Growing up as a dyspraxic in a world that hadn’t (still hasn’t) heard of the disablity was quite difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a…

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Waltzing on the Danube (Americans Abroad #1) – Miranda MacLeod & Stephanie Murphy (narrator)

I’m not an easy person to amuse. Most jokes fly over my head (like, miles over) and I have a kinda dry sense of humor mixed with childlike wonder that not too many people understand (my wife does and that’s all that really counts) so I never expect to laugh out loud when I read … Continue reading Waltzing on the Danube (Americans Abroad #1) – Miranda MacLeod & Stephanie Murphy (narrator)