Living – Lise Gold


[Edit: October 23rd 2019] Living is one of my favorite books this year, probably in my Top 5. I wouldn’t have read it again so soon since I remembered a lot. Which, as you’ll know if you have read my reviews before, is rather telling and totally unusual. Yet when the audiobook came out, narrated … Continue reading Living – Lise Gold

All the Reasons I Need – Jaime Clevenger


First things first: I love the friendship between Kate, Mo and Julia. I love how Mo and Kate were there all the way for Julia in Three Reasons to Say Yes and how Julia’s there for them both in this one. Having recently come out as bisexual, Kate is doing her best not to let … Continue reading All the Reasons I Need – Jaime Clevenger

Il n’y a pas de petites victoires

L'une des conséquences inattendues de ma dyspraxie, ça a été mon incapacité pendant de très longues années à comprendre et à me souvenir du fonctionnement du lave-linge. Lorsque j'ai quitté Yagg et que j'ai arrêté de travailler à plein temps, de l'espace a dû se libérer dans mon cerveau. Pendant que je réapprenais à vivre … Continue reading Il n’y a pas de petites victoires

Gold – E.J. Noyes


So many feelings! What can I say? Read this book. It’s good. It’ll make you feel good. A word of warning, though: Aspen suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, which are very accurately described. If you’re worried you might be triggered, maybe wait for the right time, when you’re feeling strong, to read this book, … Continue reading Gold – E.J. Noyes

Erased – Robbi McCoy


Robbi McCoy is a very clever writer, with a solid way with words. I’ve liked all her books so far, and some I’ve loved, especially Something to Believe and Two on the Aisle. Erased is another win for me. Yet it took me a long time to decide to read it because I’m always wary … Continue reading Erased – Robbi McCoy

A Hidden Hope (Romancing the Page #1) – Laura Ambrose

A Hidden Hope

3.5* I sometimes got the feeling that at least one of the characters had first been written as male then « turned » into a woman. But the story still worked so it’s okay. I really liked that one of the MCs had social anxiety and how it played in the story. A Hidden Hope … Continue reading A Hidden Hope (Romancing the Page #1) – Laura Ambrose

La dyspraxie en un graphique

Depuis que j'ai découvert que la dyspraxie existait et que la mienne m'a été confirmée, j'en parle souvent parce que ça a changé beaucoup de choses dans ma vie, notamment l'acceptation de certaines "maladresses" qui ne sont pas juste parce que je suis nulle, et aussi par moments une certaine fierté d'avoir réussi pas mal … Continue reading La dyspraxie en un graphique